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Offshore wind energy-I: Costs are plummeting
Apr 17: Offshore wind energy is the new buzzword in investment circles
8A new report finds a technical potential of 2,058 GW of offshore wind resource capacity is accessible in U.S. waters using existing technology. This is equivalent to an energy output of 7,200 terawatt-hours per year -- enough to provide nearly double the total electric generation of the United States as of now. Currently, the US has around 23,000 MW of offshore project under development.
8Offshore wind costs are falling globally and it is likely that the European Union will meet its goal of a levelized cost of energy of $112/MWh by 2020.
8By Indian standards, these costs are still high but more cost savings likely on account of technological advances and digitization. Significant fall in offshore tariffs is likely beyond 2020.
8Offshore turbine sizes are getting larger and 10 MW units are likely to be in production soon
8What is more new floating offshore wind energy projects have shattered the myth that such units should be anchored to shallow waters
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