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Offshore wind energy-II: China in a dominating role
Apr 17: China is clearly ahead in the renewable game than the rest of the world.
8A country that for more than a decade has led the world in greenhouse gas emissions, where coal-fired power has long dominated the energy mix, has today embraced renewables in a
big way.
8China is likely to reach its 2020 goal of producing 110 GW of solar power; it also wants to generate at least 210 GW of wind power by 2020, and the International Energy Agency (IEA) has said it’s likely to hit that target in 2019.
8What is more, six of the top 10 solar panel manufacturers are Chinese.
8An example of Chinese innovation is the Longyangxia Dam Solar Park with solar arrays covering more than 10 square miles. The solar park is coupled to one of the hydro plant’s quick-response turbines, which smooths the output curve of the PV power caused by fluctuations in sunlight due to cloud cover and time of day. Balancing the variable generation is key to enabling reliable power transmission to the grid via the hydro-power plant.
8A new research report now claims that China will eventually dominate the offshore wind energy space, with more than 50% of global offshore wind output coming from there.
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