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Apr 17: 8Latest global relative production of oil & gas shows India's production declining in 2018. Know more click on Report.
8A fresh look at the US gas supply curves right up to 2050 seems to point to gas prices staying below $6/bbl on account of plentiful supply. Click on Report for more.
8Srinivasan Venkatakrishnan is the new CEO of Vedanta. Know more about this CA from Chennai who made it big.Click on Report for more.
8Australia is today the largest exporter of coal and is likely to take the No 1 spot as the largest exporter of LNG. Find out more on the raging sustainability debate that is going on in that country. Click on Report for more.
8If you are an investor in the Indian port industry, here is a one-stop shop to go to. Get all the data and the help that you may need. Click on Report for more.
8Shell has developed a new truck and wants to sell it in India. What is in it for the multinational to do so? Click on Report for more.
8A new "sky" climate change scenario built by Shell seems to show the energy world transforming in unrecognizable ways in the future. Know more about how that happens click on Report.


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