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ONGC's Daman development-II: ONGC stands to lose Rs 1000 crore if this weather window is lost
Apr 17: ONGC stands to lose a massive Rs 1000 crore if L&T is not able to complete the job within the April 30 window
8Well placed sources said that if the project is delayed, it will mean that gas production to the tune of 900 mmscmd will be lost. This will be a loss of around Rs 320 crore. The condensate loss, according to sources, will be to the tune of another Rs 150 crore.
8The entire offshore rig deployment schedule will be disrupted too, and that is going to cost whopping Rs 300 crore.
8To this figure must be added the loss of Rs 150 crore on account of additional cost of insurance, demurrage, preservation cost, mobilization and demobilization cost, among others. 
8Roughly, when all other losses are taken into account, the loss will be a massive Rs 1000 crore, according to sources.
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