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Crude price projections for 2018 and 2019: $10/bbl up from what it was previously
Apr 16: One of the largest banks in the work has raised the Brent/WTI price forecasts ($/Bbl) to $71/$66 from $60/$56 in 2018 and to $70/$65 from $60.75/$58.00 in 2019.
8The market is seen to be tightening for the rest of 2018
8Global inventory draws are seen resuming in 2Q18 and larger draws averaging ~1.0 MMBbld in 2H18, thereby  enabling OECD commercial inventories to reach normal levels this year (vs. both 5-year and 7-year average levels).
8With inventory levels back to normal and our forecast of a roughly balanced market in 2019, we forecast Brent/WTI prices will remain strong in 2019
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