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Renewable energy: Tariffs are going up
Apr 13: The renewable industry of interest to the oil & gas sector as it is eventually an indirect substitute to some of the products that it manufactures.
8In India after hitting a low, renewable energy tariffs are beginning to rise
8The latest tariffs from the auctions indicate a recovery after hitting historic lows in the previous auctions during 2017-18, rates have gone up by 16% recently
8Similarly, solar energy capacity was bid at Rs. 2.96 per unit for 500MW capacity in Gujarat, up from a low of Rs 2.44 hit in 2017-18.
8The reason for lack of participation for solar power auctions can be attributed to
-- Ambiguity on the imposition of anti-dumping and safeguard duties on solar power components
-- Auctioning agencies not providing enough safeguards for revision of tariffs in case of cost escalation.
-- Fixing upper ceiling of tariffs too has led to developers not bidding for the projects.
8In wind energy too, cost factors are at play
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