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ONGC's offshore crane business-II: Companies may be debarred if found willfully holding up contracts
Apr 10: The competition for supply of cranes to ONGC is usually very tough and competitors use all tricks available to them to stall a deal
8Conspiracies are usually alleged.
8Multiple letters are written from different parts of the country to ONGC alleging misdemeanor.
8No leaf is left unturned by enterprising agents, working for hefty commissions, to get extra business for their principals.
8External monitors are brought in to adjudicate.
8ONGC is now mulling a rule where companies are likely to be debarred from future tenders if they are found willfully delaying ONGC tendering and vendor selection processes in mission-critical functions.
Click on Details to here on more on a sordid story which unfolded with ONGC's proposal to revamp a bunch of cranes which have outlived their productive life


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