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Climate change risks-II: Unfair principles
Apr 06: The remaining carbon budgets associated with the Paris goals are now extremely small: at current rates of emissions, the 1.5 degree budget will be exhausted in eight years, and the 2 degree budget in nineteen years.
8The IEA has now been accused of accepting a mere 50 percent probability of success of achieving the climate goals and that too by assuming negative emissions technologies will
 be invented, and by assuming unrealistically low non-energy emissions
8The IEA therefore is alleged to be grossly understating the degree of change in energy systems needed to achieve the goals.
8Then again, contrary to the principle of Common but Differentiated Responsibilities, the IEA expects the majority of emissions reductions to occur in poor countries.
8This is both unjust and understates the needed cuts in IEA full member countries.
8For example,India is to cut its 2040 emissions by 46 percent, despite its pressing developmental needs, but the European Union by only 40 percent.
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