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Apr 05: 8For former GAIL director and PNGRB member BS Negi is not your typical public sector employee who goes into hibernation after retirement. He and his son have built an innovative company. Find out more click on Report.
8Diversion of subsidised LPG cylinders to the commercial sector has come down drastically. At least that is what the figures show. Click on Report for more.
8Despite the bad freight market, tanker newbuilding have noted an impressive increase year to date, while SnP activity has dropped substantially at the same time. Another market where activity seems to be picking up quite nicely is the demolition market. Find out more on what is going on. Click on Report for more.
8Has the government stopped the preparatory work for a single safety agency for the hydrocarbon and explosives segment despite an inter-ministerial recommendation? Find out more click on Report.
8Solar tariffs have fallen dramatically after the government decided to opt for the auction route instead of the earlier feed-in tariff route. But international data seems to suggest that auctions can have negative kickbacks and policy makers must know how to balance the pulls and pressures of different stakeholders. Is India doing the right thing? Why are fresh auctions showing an upward trend in tariffs? Click on Report for more.


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