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Crude Oil to Chemicals route-I: The new paradigm
Apr 03: Crude Oil to Chemicals (COC) is the new route to manufacture petrochemicals which skips the refinery segment entirely
8It elevates petrochemical production to the refinery scale
8COC is defined as a refinery configured to produce >40% per barrel of oil to chemicals.
8Due to its large scale, COC has the potential to be an imminent threat the conventional petrochemical and refinery industries.
8The website carries here some big ticket COC announcements
8As a global average, a refinery produces about 8% naphtha per barrel of oil available for chemical production but for COC, the average is more than 40%
8The potential impact of COC lies in its huge scale. The planned PX complex of a Chinese company is a massive 4.3 MMTPA, about four times that of an average world scale PX plant. It will take only a few similar refinery PX complexes -- which are already in the pipeline -- to significantly alter the local and global supply and demand balance.
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