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BS-VI launch is a business risk for CGD companies: There are more threats ahead
Apr 03: The petroleum minister's assertion that the early commencement of supply of BS-VI fuel will mean that vehicular emissions will be as clean or cleaner than CNG can eventually become  a big threat for the CNG industry.
8Once new vehicles with BS-VI compatible fuel use hit the market, the economic case for continued supply of discounted gas to the CNG industry will be considerably diluted. CNG can well become non-competitive if crude oil prices stay low.
8There will then be a demand to divert subsidized gas to power or fertilizers.
8This is a development that policy planners in the rapidly growing CGD industry must take into account.
8The website also carries here a full template of the government's attempt to push the CGD industry countrywide. But eventually, market prices along with superior and cheaper renewable technology can upset the applecart for the industry.
8A long term financing profile for the industry must take into account these imponderables.
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