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Coal is not dead yet
Apr 02: Multiple coal-fired power projects, with a total capacity of 440 gigawatts, have been canceled, deferred, or delayed around the world over the past three years, including at least 250 gigawatts in China.
8Even taking cancellations into account, some 220 gigawatts of new coal-fired power generation is under construction.
8There are a number of wild cards when it comes to the outlook for coal demand.
8Expanded access to electricity, a rapid shift to electricity for heating and cooling, or a breakthrough in electric vehicle technology, particularly in developing markets, could stoke stronger than expected power demand and, therefore, coal consumption.
8Advances in cutting-edge clean coal technology that enables the capture and storage of CO2 from coal power plants—an approach that is currently cost prohibitive—could also boost coal consumption.
8Even as coal demand goes up in developing countries, in advanced countries such as the US, demand is expected to stay flat instead of declining rapidly.
8Also know more about why gas is going to remain a more expensive fuel than coal for a long time to come.
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