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Mar 28: 8Latest data shows that global onshore E&P spending is seeing a upswing already whereas offshore spending is still to recover. Offshore capex spend expected to increase after 2017 with levels expected to be over 35% higher in 2021. Industry-wide, costs have reduced significantly from 2014. After 2020, a significant portion of future growth expected to be driven by deepwater developments. Click on Report for more.
8The website carries here a vigorous comparison of companies owning offshore rigs worldwise. A ranking is worked out accordingly. This is useful reading for offshore Indian E&P companies. Click on Report for more.
8McDermott has bagged a KG-D6 Subsea Installation Contract from Reliance Industries. Click on Report for more.
8There is one floater contact opportunity coming up in India. Find out more click on Report for more.
8Find out more on gas pipeline business development opportunities coming up ahead. Click on Report for more.
8Getting a good score on their MOU performance is a big deal for the brass in a public sector company. Find out which companies have done better than their peers in these rankings. Click on Report for more.
8Is the government interested in building the Middle East to India Deepwater Iran - Oman - India gas pipeline? Find out more click on report.
8The first LNG cargo out of the Yamal LNG terminal is headed towards India. Know more click on Report.
8The hype over a rosy future for city gas distribution companies have lead to over valuation of IGL shares. Find out how. Click on Report  for more.
8Find out what action IOC has taken on its fire incident in Hazira. What was learnt from the it? Click on Report  for more.
8Get the latest update on biofuel prices and taxes here. Click on Report for more.
8Get the latest production and import-export data on the Indian petroleum sector. Click on Report  for more.


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