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Mar 27: 8Despite many "buy" recommendations by stock broking firms, a quantitative analysis seems to show that it is currently over priced. Find out why click on Report.
8Here is a profile of a clean water technology company now making a big impact in India. Click on Report for more.
8There are many gas detection device manufacturing company. Here is a reliable one. Click on Report for more.
8Here is another company providing turnkey solutions encompassing designing, erection, commissioning and maintenance for fire & gas (F&G) detection systems. Know more about how exclusive supply arrangements are securing the company's future. Click on Report for more.
8Get the latest on ONGC's deal with Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) for a 6,900 km gas pipeline that will link Bangladesh, Myanmar and the northeastern states. Is it just a pipe dream or is there more to it than meets the eye? Click on Report for more.
8If US sanctions are reimposed on Iran, as is likely, what happens to the Frazad B and other investments planned by Indian companies? Click on Report for more.
8Find out more on how urban air quality was improved in China by deploying gas. Click on Report for more.
8Know more about the global ethanol trade and how India plays a big role in it. Click on Report for more.  


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