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Bio-ethanol projects: Is India making a big mistake?
Mar 26: A series of bio-ethanol refineries are coming up in India?
8But has enough due diligence been done on how the technology works and whether, eventually, it will be compatible with the overall fuel matrix in India
8The whole idea of moving to second-generation biofuels has proven to be somewhat of a scientific disaster in the west
8Is India adopting a failed idea?
8The biggest experts in the business are now claiming that bioethanol just is not an ideal component for blending, both for octane as well as for properties.
8Biofuels have been shifting toward other biobased octane enhancers like biobutanol, and in Europe, biobased MTBE and ETBE.
8So is the bio-ethanol market been over hyped by a few technology providers and are they pushing Indian refiners to take more risks than their internal risk mitigation parameters permit?
8Has enough due diligence been really done?
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