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Morbi: Find out how the dynamics of coal, FO and gas use plays out here
Mar 22: Nowhere the dynamics of gas, coal and liquid fuels more at play than at the ceramic manufacturing centre of Morbi in Gujarat.
8Ceramic is an energy intensive industry and gas consumption volumes have halved on accouint of poor economics, coal gasification was found to cheaper than gas.
8But the primary gas supplier here has been trying to entire customers back through a differential pricing model.
8The gas premium has come down as a result and more gas consumption is expected
8The enterprising ceramic industry in Morbi has the choice of using coal, gas and liquid fuels
8The recent hike in crude prices has made gas cheaper than fuel oil
8Hemmed into this dynamics is Prime Minister Modi's demonetization and GST drives, both of which are transforming India's industrial landscape, and that of Morbi in particular, more than anything else in the past.
8A similar story plays out in most industrial centres around the country, where furnace owners switch from one fuel to the other depending upon cost economics.
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