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Hydrogen economy: Why is Saudi Arabia pushing for it?
Mar 20: No other country pursues the hydrogen economy dream with greater perseverance than Japan
8Latest data seems to indicate remarkable progress being made in hydrogen either by using electrolysis or steam reforming of fossil fuels
8Improvements are being continuously made
8A hydrogen burning power plant is envisaged as is steel making besides the manufacture of ammonia. There is also talk of a hydrogen town
8In fact, Japan has worked out the pricing of hydrogen as well for power generation, in terms of what its import cost should be
8Find out more on the costing of hydrogen infrastructure that is being taken into account
8Besides electrolysis, another route that is being explored by the Saudis and the Japanese together is to  produce hydrogen from fossil fuels in combination with CCS
8Also know more why this route can be a solution for the Middle East energy crisis brought about by the possibility of lower for every fuel prices
8A lot of work is now going on in the production of carbon-free hydrogen by steam reforming of fossil fuels and by CCS implementation of CO2 generated.
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