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New gas demand-supply estimates-I: Get 10 year supply profile from the KG Basin
Mar 16: A new set of calculations are coming forth on how domestic gas production is going to behave for the next 10 years.
8The output profile from ONGC's KG-DWN-98/2 block and RIL discoveries in KG D-6, R Series and Satellite fields are projected over the next 10 years
8This output however peaks quickly after starting up in 2020-21 before declining from 2023-25 onwards.
8The total domestic output will however come from a host of other fields, primarily those of ONGC and OIL, but will also include others JV and private blocks.
8Juxtaposed against this domestic output is a series of old and new LNG terminals which will be offloading imported gas.
8An estimate of their capacity utilization levels going up the next 10 years is daringly attempted here.
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