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New gas demand-supply estimates-II: Not all LNG terminals will fare well
Mar 16: How really are new terminals going to fare once they come on stream?
8RLNG supply will decline initially on account of a switch off by RIL after the full commissioning of its Petcoke gasification project.
8Shell's Hazira terminal could see a significant fall in utilisation as RIL’s volume drops.
8Know more on when the Dabhol terminal can go to full 5 MMTPA capacity
8When does Mundra go on stream and how much offtake is possible from Ennore without trunk pipeline connectivity?
8When will Jafrabad, Dhamra and Chhara going to start up?
8The expectation is for a steady ramp up on a low base for now from all new terminals
8Why is there increasing uncertainty now about H Energy’s Jaigarh and Digha terminals?.
8And why is there no bets yet on the Kakinada FRSU?
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