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New gas demand-supply estimates-IV: War over gas customers likely
Mar 16: It may not be an easy for RIL and ONGC to market new gas supplies coming in from their KG Basin discoveries.
8The reason being the pipeline ferrying cost to demand centers where LNG is preponderant will be expensive
8If $6/mmbtu is target price of new gas from ONGC and OIL, the delivered price of gas would cross $8/mmbtu
8LNG suppliers are also claiming that with a lower peak production level, it will not be easy to coax customers away from their long term LNG GSPAs to go for short tenure domestic gas. But there is the possibility of ONGC and RIL attempting to replenish the shortfall with imported LNG to honour long term contracts.
8The thinking right now is that new deepwater domestic gas will, in probability, have to hunt for new customers
8In any case there will be a tug-of-war between imported LNG suppliers and domestic gas producers for customers
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