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New gas demand-supply estimates-IV: We can get you all the information you are looking for
Mar 16: Our website's facility and unit monitoring tool can accurately project gas demand in the energy, petrochemical, refinery and fertilizer sectors accurately.
8Our design and actual capacity matrix for products, raw materials and intermediates used by individual industrial units provide a first-hand, ground-up and very accurate estimate of incremental all-India demand for these segments.
8Input and output matrices, whether planned or active, can accurately project the timing of the new requirements
8Comprehensive utility matrices, including gas demand and gas connectivity, along with GIS mapping tools help locate the incremental demand points
8Data on up to 10 departmental heads within a facility such a fertilizer unit or an ammonia-urea unit will provide a range of contacts. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call
8Then again, our pricing software can provide LNG daily delivered price at the factory gate in industrial demand centres along with attendant liquid fuel prices. Historical price curves are also available in a downlodable format
8We also carry daily global FOB LNG prices along with LNG vessel rates
8This all-in-one package is available for viewing in through an easy-to-use app
8A backend CRM makes the job of collecting, storing and assigning this information easy.
8Dedicated analysts are available to help you out five days a week.
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