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Technology special-I: 100 winning technology companies
Mar 16: The website carries here a series of write-ups on new technologies that oil & gas companies need to look out for.
8Here is a 2018 listing of top 100 clean technology companies in world. They were short listed from a total of 12,600 entrants.
8These companies have been selected because they may have the greatest impact in the businesses they are in over the next 5 to 10 years.
8A lot of them are start ups and Indian oil companies can look at buying into some of them if there is a business fit.
818 countries were represented in these companies. India does not figure in the list even though ONGC had kick started a bunch of such startups with the hope of that at least one of them will eventually become a unicorm. Clearly more due diligence and foresight are needed to select such companies in India.
8Of the 100, 40 are in the energy and power space
8These companies represent the food and agriculture, energy & power, materials and chemicals, resources and environment, industrial and manufacturing and materials and logistics sectors.
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