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Technology special-IV: Survey of 130 game changing energy technologies
Mar 16: There is also an analysis of 130 game changing energy technologies across the globe.
8The litmus test here is that the technology should be able to meet increasing demand for energy while bringing down carbon emission levels.
8Of the 130 technologies, as few as 34 of them are capable of bringing about energy savings of up to 40% of current supply by 2050
8In digitization, four different horizons of changes in the future are identified. We are currently at horizon 2 and we need to travel up to stage 5  to a world of  bio chips, quantum and optical computing, quantum sensors and Li Fi,
8There will be a move towards embedding intelligence in silicon. While the world may think of artificial intelligence running on mammoth computers, as in sci-fi movies, that approach is becoming a thing of the past. In the near future you will see the emergence of true intelligence being deployed in tiny blocks of silicon – even more disruptive than the transition from tubes to microelectronics.
8The website carries here the potential increases in production and efficiency till 2050 in different E&P asset classes on account of deployment of new technology.
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