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Technology special-VI: Smart E&P is here
Mar 16: Areas in which technologies are most effective in increasing access to oil and gas reserves include seismic exploration, enhanced recovery and smart wells.
8Quick advances are expected in seismic imaging and the processing and interpretation of the vast volumes of data acquired. One example is the use of ‘full waveform inversion’, in which complex algorithms enable accurate predictions of reservoir behaviour.
8The analysis indicates the largest impact will be onshore where with improved imaging, explorers can optimise well locations.
8Improved and enhanced oil recovery (IOR/ EOR) technologies continue to develop, with new techniques such as modified salinity water and use of nanoparticles supplementing more established methods.
8The estimates suggest that IOR/EOR could deliver around 500 billion additional barrels of oil, or a 10% aggregate increase in total remaining recoverable resources, by 2050.
8Well technology development offers potential volume increases from stimulation, completions and intervention, with the greatest benefit for those, mostly unconventional, resources developed using large numbers of wells.
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