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Technology special-VIII: Big Oil refuses to believe EV revolution will come anytime soon
Mar 16: Big Oil companies refuse to believe that electric cars will be competitive to conventional cars anytime soon.
8In their latest analysis, the costs of buying, running and fuelling electric and hybrid cars in Europe fall to become competitive with those of ICE-driven models before 2050.
8Fuel cell vehicles (FCVs), which are essentially powered by hydrogen, are expected to come in much later.
8FCVs, almost three times as expensive to purchase as an ICE car today, could see their overall costs more than halve by 2050, but appear to remain uncompetitive with other mid-sized car types owing to their relatively high capital costs.
8Since electric and conventional cares become very closely competitive, it may be that factors other than technology-related costs, particularly government policies, will play a decisive role in determining the shape of the vehicle fleet of 2050.
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