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Eye on the future-I: What is going on now?
Mar 15: Keeping track of technological tends have become imperative for the oil & gas sector
8What are the latest projections on deep decarbonization?
8Is the world going to be divided into two zones -- sunny and not so sunny?
8Battery technology is changing rapidly too. Some of the most intriguing start-ups are working on thermal batteries, using phase-change materials, salts, clever thermodynamics, or just big chunks of concrete or tanks of hot water.
8And yet, there are significant benefits to continuing to power a large proportion of the world’s heating with solid, gas or even liquid fuels.
8What is the future of hydrogen as a fuel for a vehicle or as a raw material for the value added industry or as a store for power?
8Does nuclear power have a future? Will  IV-Generation designs can generate cost-competitive power?
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