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Newspaper advertisements for oil & gas tenders to end: We provide a comprehensive package
Mar 15: End of newspaper advertisements for oil & gas tenders is around the corner
8Print advertisements for tenders are now on their way out.
8All tenders will now be on the websites of the respective companies.
8BD managers will not longer be able to look up newspapers to find their tenders
8 It is indeed the end of an era
8Our website carries a comprehensive oil & gas tenders section where all relevant tenders are available in one place in an easy-to-use format. A search button helps look up tenders easily, while a start and end date warns those wanting to participate about deadlines
We provide a comprehensive package
In effect, we provide comprehensive solutions for our oil & gas clients. We include all current tenders on our site, giving you a full view of opportunities in hand. Our project monitoring software then allows you to survey all tenders and RFQs which the oil & gas sector will throw up in the future. It becomes a comprehensive package.
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