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Onshore rig market dynamics: Know more
Mar 14: India's onshore rig count seems to have gone down from a high of 87 in 2015
8On the other hand, the offshore rig count has been on the rise
8The onshore rig market went through a period of restructuring after the largest domestic player, Shiv Vani, went bankrupt after it was blacklisted by ONGC
8Find out which are the players in India in the rig market and who owns how many rigs
8The onshore rig market is slated to go up dramatically because of a spate of new projects planned not just by the public sector majors but also by fledging private sector operators who have descended on the market
8The best updates on future RFQs along with key contacts are available through this website's project monitoring software. We have 100% coverage of all onshore and E&P offshore activity
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