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Indian shipping companies-II: A consummate volume of data
Mar 14: A consummate amount of data is being forwarded to project a recovery of the shipping market
8The view here is that the IEA potentially underestimates demand growth and overestimates non-OPEC supply growth
8The forecast, backed by the reputation of large research agencies, is for a fairly balanced market for 2018 for oil
8Latest data shows breakeven levels of key offshore players have fallen further (please see data in the Reports section)
8Jackup rig fixing activity is up from 174 in 2016 to 217 in 2017 though floater activity is down. Cancellation of contracts in floaters was near zero in 2017, down from substantial cancellations in 2016
8YoY rig fixing activity is in positive territory for the first time since 2013
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