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LPG logistics in India-I: All the data you will need
Mar 14: What are the real logistics and infrastructure of LPG in India?
8What is the market share of different segments? How does it evolve in the next 15 years?
8What are the demand projections going up to 2025 and then onwards to 2032 taken into account by IOC, the biggest player in the business
8What is the shipping distance by number of days to India from its largest suppliers of LPG? Also get a country-wise break up of importers of LPG into India? Will this market share change?
8What is the name plate and achieved capacities of LPG terminals in India? How many new terminals are coming up? Are there business development opportunities available for suppliers of equipment and services to these terminals?
8Where are the business development opportunities coming up in the spate of new pipeline planned?
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