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Gas lobby at work-I: Seeks sweeping reform
Mar 13: The gas lobby in India is working furiously with the powers-that-be for wide reforms to push its agenda
Among the proposals are:
8Develop more LNG based urea plants so that imports come down to zero
8Operate gas based power plants at 40-45% PLF
8Target 90,000 MW DG based captive capacity to convert to LNG.
8Replace diesel and kerosene for lighting by gas or LNG
8Replace LPG by PNG in urban areas as natural gas has to compete with subsidized LPG
8Share of gas in transportation can go up if viability gap funding is provided for gas infrastructure.
8An nter-ministerial panel be set up on import substitution by LNG and gas
Comment: These proposals are not going to be all that easy to push through as they tread on too many toes. But some elements of these recommendations, including zero imports of urea, have already been set in motion. Click on Report for more.


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