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Rs 6500 crore ammonia-urea plant: RFQ for contractor in August
Mar 12: We are the only website providing detailed fertilizer project information of this kind in the country. Over a hundred parameters are captured while giving out project data. We have over 15 years of experience in the fertilizer sector. All fertilizer companies are out subscibers and so are equipment and service providers.
Coal-based Ammonia-Urea & Captive Power Plant Greenfield Project 
8Cost - Rs 6500 Crore
8Project Event: The proposal for an environmental clearance is likely to be submitted in May 2018, RFQ for LSTK contractor is likely to be released in August 2018.
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NPK Fertilizer Greenfield Project      
8Cost - Rs 1517 Crore
8Project Event: RFQ for EPC contractor was floated in February 2017 and price bids have been opened, Finalization is due only in May 2018 due to delay in the discussions. the tender for equipment is likely to be released in June 2018.
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