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Hydrogen technology gaining edge-I: 350 research documents
Mar 12: Technology is moving really rapidly and it is always a challenge for companies today to figure out where the future is going to be.
8The website carries here a scan of nearly 350 cutting edge research documents (they are included in this report) that predicts that hydrogen technology is slowly by inexorably gaining an advantage over battery technology in the entire mobility segment, from two wheelers, cars, trucks & buses, trains, drones and aircrafts.
8Hydrogen powered systems are emerging in other segments too, including as long lasting laptop and phone chargers.
8Small hydrogen canisters can provide a 100 km rides for two wheelers.
8The market is evolving very quickly and it seems that lower range cars will be dominated by battery technology whereas long range trucks and vehicles will be powered by hydrogen.
8Cost of hydrogen manufacturing and storage is coming down, particularly when tied up with off-peak renewable energy rates.
8Hydrogen is now becoming cost competitive as more and more companies across the world begin investing in this technology
8Indian companies with an eye on the future need to keep a close track on these developments.
The future is here and it is uncertain.
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