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Bangladesh hits the LNG button harder than India
Mar 12: Bangladesh seems to have hit the LNG terminal button faster than India seems to be doing.
8Negotiations are on for a 7.5 MMTPA terminal and contracts are to be given out by June, according to sources. The terminal can get operational by next year
8US-based Excelerate Energy is developing 3.75 million-tonne annual capacity offshore LNG terminal under an agreement signed on July 18, 2016. Excelerate will get around US$0.59 per unit (1,000 cubic feet) of natural gas as service charge and costs for tag boat operation, port facility, etc.
8Indian company Petronet also secured a deal to build another LNG import terminal at Kutubdia island having a capacity to handle around 1,000 mmcfd gas.
8Anil Ambai's Reliance too builds a LNG terminal at Kutubdia island while local  energy giant Summit will also construct a FSRU LNG Terminal at Moheshkhali island with a capacity to handle around 500 mmcfd of gas.
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