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Oil & gas companies: How to attract and retain talent
Mar 09: How will oil and gas companies attract and retain the next generation of talent? This seems to be a big question that no one is really addressing.
8The oil and and gas industry was in jeopardy of falling behind in the competition to attract talented younger employees.
8The concern is that the skills required for this new age of digital oil and gas differ immeasurably from what has long been the traditional skillset, and largely reside with a younger generation. Failing to elevate the skills of a workforce is the most common pitfall in unsuccessful transformations.
8To advance the skills needed in the oil and gas sector will require a combination of recruiting fresh talent from outside the industry – including data scientists, software engineers and other digitally savvy professionals – as well as recent graduates, plus updating skills for operational staff already within the industry. Disciplines include digital risk security, cloud architecture and infrastructure, control networks (SCADA), robotics and Progressive Web applications, among others.
8Petroplan, one of the world’s leading oil, gas and energy recruitment companies, produced their second Talent Insight Index in 2017. A key finding was that digital natives may not be looking at the oil and gas sector as a career choice, verifying earlier indicators within the industry.
8Find out more on what an oil & gas company needs to do to attract really good talent and how some companies have gone through this transition faster than others.
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