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Buying a compressor: More than what meets the eye
Mar 09: Many buyers take a decision on buying a compressor on the basis of its purchase price
8But the biggest cost to a user is the operating cost over a period of, say, 10 years. Operating costs come down to two things – energy consumption and service and maintenance cost.
8Service and maintenance is now conducted periodically, like servicing a car, on a preventive analysis basis. |
8The trend is now slowly shifting towards predictive maintenance in the future
8Another trend is the move towards oil-free compressors. As clients are becoming more environmentally aware, there is a push to remove oil from compressors, as it is a contaminant.
8As oil-free air compressing systems utilise a teflon sleeve or coating in the compression chamber, they do not require any lubrication. They are maintenance free as far as lubrication is
concerned. However, one will still need to service the air filter on a regular basis.
8But there is a flip side too to oil free compressors
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