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Mar 09: 8D Surendranath of the UAE based Trans Asia Pipeline Services has built a world class pipeline and process services company. It operates in 14 countries including India. Find out how he made the grade. Click on Report for more.
8How sustainable are the trends towards shorter-term LNG agreements? And is hub-based pricing taking over oil-indexed deals? How do you build a water tight LNG deal that does not lead to renegotiations? What are the lessons from gas price disputes among LNG buyers and sellers? Japan has gotten out of the clutches of destination clauses, will India follow suit? Click on Reports to find answers to these questions
8The uptick in investments in the oil & gas sector has been disappointing slow in 2018. Find out more click on Report.
8A full analysis of Sudan and South Sudan where Indian and Chinese companies have a finger in the pie as western companies stay away.Click on Report for more.


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