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Mozambique LNG project: It can set BPCL apart from its peers
Mar 07: It looks like the Mozambique LNG project -- in which the Indian trio of ONGC, OIL and BPCL are heavily invested -- is under capital approval is now ready for project implementation
8This is a big project by any yardstick
8And while ONGC and OIL stand to gain from it, the biggest gainer could well be BPCL, which has a 10% stake.
8What is more BPCL had acquired the stake at a much lower cost than ONGC and OIL.
8Eventually, BPCL's valuation will exceed its peers if project completion is smooth and the Mozambique terminal is able to sew up its contracts
8Clearly, the capital approval of Mozambique sets BPCL apart from IOC and HPCL now
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