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Is CNG a better option for India-II: Much lower capital outlay
Mar 06: CNG can unlock the value of stranded gas reserves where LNG or pipelines are unfeasible due to economic, geopolitical or environmental issues.
8There is no need for capital intensive regasification terminals or lengthy single-use pipelines
8There is the possibility of greater arbitrage capability with flexibility to supply several markets in a region
8The CNG supply model is highly scalable and fit-for-purpose to meet delivery volumes or market growth
8The model is far simpler than LNG, and has easily re-deployable technology and assets as against complex LNG facilities
8What is more, significantly lower capital requirements than LNG or FLNG
8CNG loading and offloading facilities are much simpler, much less expensive and have significantly smaller footprint than typical LNG liquefaction and regasification facilities.
8Offloading onshore, gas is discharged from the ship at a dedicated berth at a jetty. High pressure pipe and heat exchangers will manage the energy transfer resulting from the decompression of the gas.
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