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Threat of electric vehicles erodes
Mar 06: That projection that electric vehicle growth will overwhelm the conventional cars in the next 10 to 15 years years is now being increasingly disapproved by leading research agencies.
8According to latest data, even in a country like the US, the combined sales of new electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and hybrid vehicles grow in market share from 4% in 2017 to 19% in 2050 in the reference case.
8The combined share of sales attributable to gasoline and flex-fuel vehicles (which use gasoline blended with up to 85% ethanol) declines from 95% in 2017 to 78% in 2050 because of the growth in the sales of
electric vehicles.
8Passenger cars gain market share relative to light-duty trucks because of their higher fuel efficiency in periods when motor gasoline prices are projected to increase and because crossover vehicles, often classified as passenger cars, increase in availability and popularity.
8New vehicles of all fuel types show significant improvements in fuel economy because of compliance with increasing fuel economy standards.
8New vehicle fuel economy rises by 45% from 2017 to 2050.
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