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Downstream sector: Indian IT majors making inroads
Mar 05: Indian IT majors are slowly pushing themselves deeper into the oil & gas industry through a mix of consulting, IT engineering and managed services.
8These majors have been gaining experience over the last 10 years dealing with a variety of downstream oil & gas issues across a range of global companies.
8They have a fairly sophisticated range of services to offer, particularly in the downstream sector.
8What is more they are bringing in state of art technology, including advanced analytics and artificial intelligence into play along with Industrial Internet of Things and edge analytics. They are also increasingly agile with drone and video analytics
8These majors have the capacity and the firepower to replace existing and established players in the business
8The website documents here their growing level of expertise.
8If you are downstream company, and if you have a problem, it is quite plausible that they have done that kind of work somewhere in the world/
8Pick up the phone and give them a call
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