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Mar 05: 8Fast electric vehicles chargers are making an entry into India. Find our which direction this technology is going at this juncture. Click on Reports for more
8Power prices are flaring up on coal shortages and gas generation is up 8%, up 188 bps, year on year in January. Will an auctioning of gas linkages unlock the lock jam in the business? Click on Reports for more
8If you are interested in knowing how Pakistan looks at India's military "adventurism" across the border, here is a detailed report. Clearly, there seems to be a lot of hype across both sides of the border and it is now difficult to differentiate between fact and fiction. Click on Reports for more
8Oil degrading bacteria found in India soil have been found to be effective in containing spills. Here is a comprehensive report on the subject. Click on Reports for more
8Long term mobile offshore oil and gas vessel contracting fell 26% in 2017 over 2016 but is slated to grow rapidly going up to 2023. Here is a projection. Click on Reports for more
8The Kalpataru group is today a diversified conglomerate spanning real estate, roads, building, transmission and distribution and oil & gas infrastructure/  It has a presence in 50 countries. Find out more on what differentiates this company from the others. Click on Reports for more
8Given the offshore boom in India, a number of Indian companies offering to be local agencies for global conglomerates has been on the rise. Here is one example. Click on Reports for more
8Keep a lookout for Vandana Hari, an Indian oil & gas analyst who has forked out and established a niche oil & gas consultancy by the style of Vandan Insights. "2017 will go down as one of the more transformative years in the global oil markets. It busted a few assumptions and forced a reset of some others," she claims. Click on Reports for more
8Saudi Aramco's business spans not just the oil & gas space but many other areas. Indian public sector oil companies have a lot to learn about how the conglomerate manages employee engagement. Here is a template. Click on Reports for more
8This is resting time for commodity prices before they begin their forward gallop. Click on Reports for more
8Will oil prices continue to fall on rising U.S. inventories, record output and a stronger dollar outweighing high OPEC compliance with its supply-cutting deal? Click on Reports for more
8Find out more on custom designed sealing systems and polymer solutions for sub sea oil & gas installations. Click on Reports for more
8Know more on the country's largest supplier of marine and offshore cables in India. Click on Reports for more


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