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Cargo handling software: Space available for Indian companies?
Mar 05: An asset light, intelligent software enabled cargo handling is where the big money is. Is there space here yet for aggressive well funded shipping companies to tie with with IT majors to get into the business?
These are the reasons why this segment is likely to grow quickly:
8Only 40 terminals (out of 1,200 terminals) are automated or semi-automated currently globally
8Ships are becoming bigger and the peak loads have become an issue. Enabling software can work well here Increasing focus on safety
8Customers require decreasing energy usage and zero emission ports
8Optimum efficiency, space utilization and reduction of costs are increasingly important
8Shortage and cost of trained and skilled labour pushes terminals to automation
8The container value chain is very inefficient: total value of waste and inefficiency estimated at $20 billion
8Over 50% of the port software market is in-house and these solutions are not competitive
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