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Rs 300 crore oil field development: Sub contracts by August
Mar 01: 8Project Name: Oil Field Development Drilling.
8Project Cost: Rs 300 crore.
8Project Description: Promoter has already floated the tenders for an EPC contractor for GCS expansion and pipelines involved in the development drilling of 6 wells to augment production from the oil field. The project would also involve the conversion of 3 exploratory wells into development wells, up-gradation of the GCS from 0.2 MMSCMD to 0.5 MMSCMD and laying of a 10" pipeline (42 Km) from the oil field to the GCS. Rig mobilization has also been tied up as the promoter will deploy its own rigs now in the asset in the field.
8Project Event: The EPC contract for pipelines and GCS expansion is expected to be awarded by July 2018 subsequent to which subcontracts are likely to be issued by the selected EPC contractor in August 2018.
8Expenditure Approval: Q2/2016
8RFQ Date: July/2018
8Release Date: Aug/2018
8Start Date: Q3/2018
8Completion Date: Q4/2020    
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