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LNG special-II: Need for storage eliminated
Feb 28: The idea of modern day inland bunkering is to create a boxed system, where the LNG is transported by semi-trailers from a terminal to the port.
8Rather than establishing a large, permanent tank at the port, companies are now creating a mobile supply chain placing the LNG storage on the road, thereby minimizing the capex for the customer.
8At the time the truck driver parks the semi-trailer at the bunkering unit, it is in fact perceived as a permanent installation.
8In locations with less volumes, the the gas supplier replaces the semi-trailer a couple of times a week, with a ferry consuming as little as consumes between 10-12 m3 per day.
8The structures are therefore highly modular and you can build as your grow.
8What is interesting is that such a plant can be fully automatic and requires no permanent staff on shore.
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