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Feb 28: 8The website carries here the full City Gas Distribution map for Bangaluru for our readers' benefit. Click on Report for more.
8A global air quality index map shows India to be the most stricken geography in the world. We are in the "extreme risk" category as of now. Click on Report for more.
8Strong Chinese gas demand is coming from the non-power sector. In India too, this is where future demand will emerge from. Find out more click on Report.
8What is the latest sport market trend in relation to JCC price? There has been an upswing of late and the number now hovers close to 15%. Also find out more on how spot supplies and deliveries have moved in 2017 in comparison to earlier years. Click on Report for more.
8Only 15 uncommitted newbuild LNG carriers are getting delivered between 2018 - 2020.  New MEGI and XDF LNGC ships are as much as 30% more fuel efficient than existing Tri-Fuel tonnage. Know more Click on Report for more.
860.37% of the total LNG import in January, 2017 was from Qatar, 10.70% from Nigeria, 7.28% from Angola, 6.73% from Equatorial Guinea, 4.00% from Australia, 3.94% from Egypt, 3.54% from USA, and 3.44% from UAE. Click on Report for more.
8The consumption of LNG far exceeds that of domestic gas by the fertilizer industry. For LNG suppliers, the best place to get more information on this complex industry is from our sister site, Also click on Reports to know more click on Report.
8A lot of global analysts housed outside of India seems to be interested in the goings-on in Indraprastha Gas. Find out more click on Report.
8If you are an international operator, find out more on the latest changes in tax laws in countries across the world. Click on Report for more.


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