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Feb 28: If you are an oil & gas business development manager, we provide you the widest possible coverage of petroleum projects in India. While our tender section and our highly valued analysis segment take care of your immediate needs, what we have additionally assembled here is the country's most sophisticated project monitoring software, capable of throwing up thousands of exclusive data points which, in turn, translate into hundreds of specific forward-looking leads. Our dedicated analysts will provide live support to all your queries. If you have heard a rumor, or you want to check out some facts, all you have to do is call your analyst. Many of the country's largest EPC contractors, subcontractors and equipment suppliers are our subscribers today.
These are the leads of the day:
8Project Name: Desalination Plant
8Project Cost: Rs 400 crore
8Project Description: Promoter's RFQs for the construction of a 22 MLD Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Desalination Project at its facility has been delayed. The environmental clearance for the project has been granted. CRZ clearance for the project has been awarded on Oct 2017.
8Project Event: RFQs for hiring an LSTK contractor is expected by April 2018 instead of March 2018.
8Expenditure Approval: Q1/2016
8RFQ Date: Apr/2018
8Release Date: May/2018
8Start Date: Q4/2018
8Completion Date: Q4/2019
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8Project Name: Captive Power Plant
8Project Cost: Rs 10 crore.
8Project Description: Promoter is planning to install a gas-based captive Power Plant consisting of two 800 KW units, continuous duty, within its residential premises.RFQs for the project have been delayed on account of GST implementation and financial restructuring issues.
8Project Event: RFQ for hiring EIA consultant is expected by April instead of March 2018
RFQ's for hiring the LSTK contractor for the project is expected by May instead of April 2018.
8Expenditure Approval: Dec/2017
8RFQ Date: Apr/2018
8Release Date: May/2018 
8Start Date: Q3/2018
8Completion Date: Q2/2020
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8Project Name: Drilling Field Development
8Project Cost: Rs 300 crore.
8Project Description: The Promoter is planning Extension Drilling at 08 locations. The project involves both Offshore (river front) and Onshore oil and gas exploration using Extended Reach Drilling technology (ERD Wells). The drilling will be done in 08 locations and the target depth will be of 3800m each. Forest clearance and the wildlife clearance are still pending for the project. An EIA consultant has already been hired for the project. Further RFQs are expected shortly.
8Project Event: RFQs for hiring drilling services is expected by Q3 2018.
8Expenditure Approval: Q3:2017
8RFQ Date: Q3/2018
8Release Date: Q3/2018 
8Start Date: April/2019
8Completion Date: April/2021
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8Project Name: Brownfield Pipeline Project
8Project Cost: Rs 664 Crore
8Project Description:The promoter is planning to augment the existing product pipeline T-Point facilities. The capacity of the pipeline is 3.5 MMTPA. The total length of the pipeline is estimated to be about 745 km. At present, site surveys are going on.
8Project Event: RFQ for EPCM Contractor is to be expected by June 2018.
8Expenditure Approval: Q3:2016
8RFQ Date: Jun/2018
8Release Date: Jul/2018
8Start Date: Oct/2018
8Completion Date: Q4:2020
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8Project Name: Greenfield Pipeline Project
8Project Cost: Rs 4310 Crore
8Project Description: An existing company is constructing a greenfield 350 KM pipeline with a capacity of 8.9 MMSCMD. This pipeline will act as a feeder line to the other pipeline. RFQ for Pipeline Laying and associated works worth Rs 440 crore has already come out.
8Project Event: RFQ for mainline pipe is to be expected by August 2018.
8Expenditure Approval: Q4:2015
8RFQ Date: Aug/2018
8Release Date: Sep/2018
8Start Date: Nov/2016
8Completion Date: Q4:2020
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