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Rs 260 crore oil field foray: Operator has no previous experience
Feb 26: 8Project Name: A private sector drilling site development under Discovered Small Fields Round, 2016
8Project Cost: Rs 260 crore
8No experience: The operator has no prior oil & gas exposure.
8Project Event: RFQs for hiring a consultant for EIA services is expected by March 2018.
-- RFQs for hiring workover rigs and drilling rigs is expected by May instead of March 2018.
-- RFQs for hiring other oilfield services is expected by May instead of April 2018.
8Expenditure Approval: Q2/2018
8RFQ Date: Mar/2018
8Release Date: May/2018
8Start Date: Mar/2019
8Completion Date: Dec/2021
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