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Coal puts up a brave fight-III: 20-year outlook for India
Feb 23: How does India's oil & gas outlook look 20 years from now?
8India's oil output will not rise unlike what the present government wishes. In fact it is likely to decline by a quarter from current levels.
8But gas output will double.
8The renewable sector will grow to five times the current size. Renewables overtake gas and then oil by 2020 as the second largest source of energy production.
8But unlike in other places in the world, coal demand in India will up significantly in the next 20 years. Imports will go up by as much as 80% from now
8Since India's domestic oil output declines, imports will rise by 175% and account for 65% of the increase in energy imports, followed by gas (+291%).
8India will have to continue to deploy a huge amount of funds to imports to meets its requirement of oil and gas
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