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Oil & gas employment-II: What do employees worry about?
Feb 21: What kind of pay hikes were given out to oil & gas sector professionals over the last 12 months?
8What is the expectation for 2018?
8Also know more about what oil & gas employees feel happy about their work. Is it flexible working hours, better technology, work culture or more responsibility?
8What does this survey say about how digitization is going to impact employees. Will it reduce risk, increase efficiency, reduce cost, among others?
8Know more about what your peers think about the biggest challenges facing the sector. Is pay an issue, or is it the skill gap? Or is the aging workforce a worry?
8A survey of hiring managers throws up a different set of challenges that the oil & gas sector seems to face when it comes to attracting talent. Find out more
8Which areas of expertise will be in greater demand as a result of digitization? Ten different segments have been identified where maximum growth is possible.
8What kind of changes the oil & gas sector will have to make to attract the best talent? What do hiring managers think?
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